A Wireless Technology
Manufacturer’s Sales Rep Company

MSF Data

Metering Solutions

  • ANSI certified metering technology
  • Utility grade metering
  • Submetering solutions
  • Turnkey installations

Data Services

  • Scalable to hundreds of thousands of meters
  • Flexible data retention offerings
  • Export data into your own systems. Automatically or manually.
  • View and analyze your data on-screen

Billing Services

  • Support for complex utility tariffs
  • Automate the generation and distribution of bills
  • Billing analysis, tariff comparison, and what-if analysis.

Custom Pole, Cabinetry, and Mount Accessories

  • RRH enclosures and mounts
  • Antenna mounts
  • Small Cell or C-RAN pole solutions
  • Add on Solar and Wind power solutions